ICT participants in sweden

The story of METS Afrika4d came into existence during training as an Advanced ICT Pedagogical Change Agent.  The integration of ICT – Information Communication Technology in education is to challenge 21st century learners to bring society in total alignment with technology, as civilization is transforming into the Information Age.  The dynamic leadership of Sida, the Swedish Development Agency in partnership with Life Academy and Stockholm University, inspires a global network of Change Agents tasked to design pedagogical platforms which focus on technology, and its significant contribution in today’s educational framework.  Our world today need programmers, and teaching kids to code, construct innovative solutions such as; Makers Space where people of common interests in digital and electronic art, technology, computers and many other realms; collaborate to address solutions to everyday problems.  The disruption of traditional classrooms demystify science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by integrating innovative constructs like banana pianos, bits of lecture, teachers as coaches in flipped classrooms like Khan Academy and TEDeD to empower a new generation of inventors who will courageously tackle the unknown.

STEM a buzz word in classrooms worldwide, is customized for African schools and our programs are multi-faceted ranging from STEM Regional Hub, Afterschool Club, Displays, Makers Space, Mobile Lab, Workshop, Global Challenge, collaboration with partner institutions in the USA, Europe and Africa where student and teacher excursions are encouraged.